Warm, Relational & Exciting!

Once we have received God’s grace in our lives, we have made a personal decision to follow the leadership of the Spirit of God and as a result, we are called to a life of celebration.

We want our small group members to regularly celebrate the goodness of God during their small group gatherings.

We believe that to be “people on the grow,” we must commit to a time of weekly celebration where we all gather to celebrate what God is doing in our lives. We call these events Worship Celebrations and they happen every weekend.

To learn about WORSHIP celebrations at The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church, click HERE.

Anointing Oil

The Bible refers to the use of “Holy” anointing oil for acts of worship, consecration and dedication, as well as for the laying on of hands in prayer for healing and deliverance.

Music CDs

From local artists to chart toppers, you’ll find a selection of music to help you set the tone for praise and worship at home or on the go!

Dance Ministry

Whether you’re currently dancing before the Lord or looking to start or find your place in a ministry – we’ve got the tools to help you on your journey.

For Your Personal Worship

A sacred time of daily study and reflection in the presence of God’s Word will set the tone for your entire day!

Worship Accessories

White cotton gloves give a professional look and are detailed with three ribs coming down from the fingers.

The Study of Worship

Practical guides to Praise and Worship – for the student, worhipper or worship leader.