Destined To Live Despite Me: Biblical Truths For Suicide Survivors

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Discover Hope and the Promise of New Life In the United States it is estimated that 91 people will commit suicide this very day. This is equivalent to one successful suicide every 16 minutes. Maybe there is someone you know who has contemplated suicide and you would like to help? Perhaps it is you that struggles with depression or the nagging thoughts to end it all? If so, please know that you are not alone. With warmth and wisdom, attempted suicide survivor and Bible study teacher Yolanda Shanks offers practical solutions and scriptural truths for the many painful questions suicide survivors face: Why me? Does God still love me? Will this pain last forever? How can I shake the embarrassment, guilt, and shame from my past? What's needed to rebuild my life from here? Destined to Live, Despite Me is a powerful resource for those determined to live and find lasting joy, peace, hope, and freedom through meaningful, and deliberate living in Christ Jesus. Escape the shadows from your past and begin to build a new life according to God's design today.
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