Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University


Within the first 90 days of Dave's most popular class, the average family pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700. These nine lessons will teach you to get out of debt the same way you learned to walk-one step at a time.

  • Member Workbook
    Bring this to class each week. This workbook is packed with good stuff and will soon become a close companion.
  • Envelope System
    This is Dave's easy-to-use cash management system. Put money in. Take money out. Stay on budget!
  • Complete Guide to Money
    This book will track along with your workbook. You'll read a little each week and learn a lot.
  • Audio CDs and Case
    Listen to Dave's teaching on the go.
  • Budget Forms Folder
    On paper, on purpose. This folder will give you a place to file away your forms.
  • Progress Poster
    Post this on your fridge or closet door as a fun reminder of where you are and where you need to go!
  • Free Lesson Vouchers
    Give these vouchers to anyone you feel could benefit from FPU.
  • Access to FPU Central
    Sign in to FPU Central using your activation code to access powerful tools and resources plus two bonus lessons!

Includes FPU Membership:

Purchase of the FPU Home Study Kit includes FPU membership. Even though the Home Study Kit is designed for at-home use, you still have all the same benefits that come with the standard membership. This means you can attend future FPU classes as often as you like.


Becoming A Young Man Of God

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From the time they're born, boys are given a "code" to live by: don't cry, don't play with dolls, don't be a get the picture. For a middle school guy, it's tough enough to figure out what it means to just be yourself--let alone how to become a man. Becoming a Young Man of God is an eight-week study that will help them discover what it really means to be a man. With fun, interactive activities and age-appropriate discussion questions, you'll find that this study will help small groups of middle school guys learn how they can become the men God created them to be. In this study, you'll help guys: - critically examine what they've been taught about what it means to be a man - explore the rich heritage of men in the Bible - discover their identity in God - find new ways to feel confident Help the guys in your group begin the journey to manhood with a clear perspective on what it means to be a man. Help break the code. ** After you've helped guys break the code, you can help them study the ultimate man--Jesus, in Living as a Young Man of God. Focusing on the life of Christ, they will learn to deal with the issues most guys face.
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The Secret of Handling Money God's Way - Children 8-12

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This 12-week curriculum is fashioned much the same as The ABC's of Handling Money God's Way, but is designed for children ages 8-12. Includes Scripture memorization, more in-depth questions, and activities to apply what each chapter has taught.
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The Soft Quiet Voice