Glo: The Bible for the Digital World

Glo is a new interactive Bible that brings God's Word to life through HD video, photographs, maps, reading plans, 360-degree virtual tours, and a unique zoomable interface for fast, easy, visual navigation on PC computers. Glo unpacks the Bible through 5 main lenses: Bible ---The most read, most trusted NIV translation of the Bible in its natural order, with resources and media related to each verse. Atlas---See where major stories of the Bible happened geographically alongside map overlays, tours, photos, and HD video. Timeline---View when the events happened chronologically and visually through a zoomable interface. Topical---Address major life questions through relevant verses on thousands of subjects from leading pastors, scholars and other experts. Media---Browse biblical content by media type, including a huge collection of HD video, virtual tours, articles, photos, art, and more. GLO COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS * Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system with latest service pack installed * Dual core processor * 1GB RAM for Microsoft Windows XP, or 2GB RAM for Vista or Windows 7 * At least 18 GB of free hard disk space * ATI or NVIDIA video graphics card with Microsoft DirectX 9 support
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