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The Soul Of Manhood

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The Soul of Manhood: Messages to Restore, Reclaim, and Refocus the African American Male is a collection of sermons from pastors around the country within multiple religious affiliations and denominations. It consists of sermons and contributions from the likes of Bishop John Guns, Bishop Leonard Smith, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Bishop Derek Triplett, Lester McCorn, Tyrone P. Jones, IV, Kenneth Clayton, Melvin Cotton, and Darryl D. Sims. One of the many unreasonable demands, which constantly confront an African American male, is the necessity to prove that he is a real man. (While this may seem inconsequential, it really isn't!) This culturally infused compulsion is undergirded by his instinctive impulse to demonstrate his manhood. This often results in behaviors that are deemed socially inappropriate or generally unnecessary. As a result of how he sees manhood grossly differing from what others demand of him, he then becomes confused and believes that negatively standing out translates into standing up and being a man. This book is filled with sermons that are designed to help guide you on an exclusive scripted expedition into the surreptitious substance of The Soul of Manhood!
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