052216-CD: Forty(ish) - 40/40: Clarifying Your Vision At Midlife Series, Part 1


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40/40 – CLARIFYING YOUR VISION AT MIDLIFE Series (Current Series)


Series Summary:  According to the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy for a person born in the United States is 79 years, which means that if you have passed 40, you are more than halfway.  In short, there are more miles in your rearview mirror than there are in your windshield.  How do you live well in the second half of your life?  Midlife is an opportunity to leave our youthful folly behind, look back at our first forty years and reframe our thoughts as we refocus our energies on what matters most for our next forty years.  That’s the theme of this thought provoking series from Senior Pastor, Lance Watson.  Join us as we journey through the book of Ecclesiastes and discover how to clarify our vision and live well in the second half of life.


     052216:  Forty(ish)

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